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Multicam recordings with ATEM Mini and Raspberry Pi cameras

As I wrote in my previous post “Using a Raspberry Pi as HDMI camera”, you can build your own inexpensive HDMI-camera with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a camera module. Let me show you some of the results… Demonstration video for HiveMQ Cloud I created this setup to record the videos for a blog series I wrote for HiveMQ Cloud:

Drumbooth controller with Raspberry Pi, JavaFX, and Arduino

Based on multiple examples from my book “Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi”, I created a touchscreen controller for the drum booth of my son. Combined with relays boards and an Arduino this allows to control LED strips and different lights with a touch screen interface. There is also a web server included so we can trigger some events from anywhere in the house through a webpage so we don’t need to yell anymore from down the stairs when food is on the table ;-)

DIY Arduino MIDI instrument

And another summer project got finished… ;-) My sons drum corps teacher triggered me to build an Arduino Midi controller so he could practice his rhythm skills. Inspiration The easiest library is the Arduino Midi USB library as described here. Although I was not very happy with the code provided…

Mission accomplished! The finished drum booth.

As a summer project requires, this project required a summer to get completed ;-) I still need to think about a big (double) door and how to make that one with or without glass. But the booth itself is ready and the drum moved for a first test and audio measurement.

Selecting sound isolation

To work out my box-in-a-box I needed two types of materials: something “fluffy” for the walls, and something “strong” to carry the floor. Reducing floor vibrations Because our “music room” is on the first floor, I created a floor which is isolated from the real floor. To achieve this I needed a material which absorps vibrations and is strong enough to carry the weight of the floor and the drum.

Making a DIY drum booth

What do you get if you combine a drum-playing son and a father who doesn’t like to spend thousands of euros? A DIY drum booth! ;-) We love to have a music-playing kid and as a father with video editing experience it was tempting to even start a YouTube channel for him.