Getting Started with Java on Raspberry Pi

“Getting Started with Java on the Raspberry Pi”

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When I first managed to blink a LED connected to a Raspberry Pi with Java, I was super excited!
Controlling physical things with some lines of code is magic! This book includes a lot of info and history about Java itself and how to install it on the Raspberry Pi. Also a lot of tips and tricks to become or be a better developer. And above all many simple examples on these and even more other topics:

My goal was to collect all the information I which would have been bundled at the time I started my experiments with Java on the Raspberry Pi. If you are new to Java, you will learn the language bit by bit by following the examples. As an experienced Java programmer, you will learn how you can extend your knowledge and control the world around you with simple and inexpensive components.

The ebook is available on Leanpub and the paper book on Elektor.

The sources and extra links and documentation are available for free on GitHub.

Cover of ebook and paper book “Getting Started with Java on the Raspberry Pi”