I was honored to be invited to a few podcasts to share my ideas and experiences. And starting from September 2022, I organize the Foojay podcasts, and for some of them I’ll also be the host.

Date Publication Title
September 2021 Foojay Podcast #5 Foojay Podcast #5: organizing, recording and editing of this OpenJDK 19 Discussion Panel.
July 2021 Foojay Podcast #2 Foojay Podcast #2: talking about embedded Java together with James Gosling, Johan Vos and Erik Costlow.
September 2020 airhacks.fm #104 Trains, Filmschool, Java on RaspberryPI, Quarkus and MicroProfile.
May 12th 2017 Radio-DJ voor één uur My sister, who is a professional radio maker, invited me for a one hour broadcast for Brother/Sister Day on a national radio station (in Dutch).