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Links of the BeJUG Presentation: Lessons Learned from #JavaOnRaspberryPi

These are all the links of my presentation at BeJUG in Waregem, Monday, July 24, 2024. Lessons Learned from JavaOnRaspberryPi, the Potential of Bits and Bytes, Cost and Eco-Efficiency I started experimenting with Java on the Raspberry Pi a few years ago because I wanted to learn if I could control electronic components with my favorite programming language.

JavaFX In Action with Christopher Schnick about XPipe, an app to manage all your servers

In the next video in this “JFX In Action” series, I talked with Christopher Schnick about XPipe. About Christopher Schnick Christopher is a software engineer with experience in the Java ecosystem and desktop application development. He is passionate about designing innovative solutions for end users and learning new technologies and tools when needed.

Repairing Roland Piano HP-237E Keys and Pedal Connector

This is a bit of a different type of post… At my son’s school, the piano in the music class had a few issues, and I went “on a quest” to fix it :-) This post is a collection of what info I needed to get this done, written down here, just in case someone is looking for the same info.

JavaFX Links of May 2024

Here is the overview of the JavaFX LinksOfTheMonth of May 2024, published on during this month. Core When Johan Vos shares his notes, you may want to keep on eye on them…: “While working on Java on Mobile, I keep my notes here (best viewed with lynx). This is not user/developer documentation, but people interested/familiar with OpenJDK building might keep an eye to see how far we are.

Book review - Frontend Development with JavaFX and Kotlin

For a personal pet project, I started experimenting with JavaFX and Kotlin to create a user interface with a lot of Java / Kotlin background processing. As I knew there is a book available on this specific topic, Apress was so kind to send me a review copy of Frontend Development with JavaFX and Kotlin: Build State-of-the-Art Kotlin GUI Applications by Peter Späth (152 pages, 48€ on paper, 35.

JavaFX Links of April 2024

Here is the overview of the JavaFX LinksOfTheMonth of April 2024, published on during this month. Core Gluon published new releases of JavaFX: 22.0.1 and the LTS releases 17.0.11 and 21.0.3. You can get them from Maven Central and the Gluon website. The new builds of Java and JavaFX, that were released this week, contain several fixes related to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), see for example the release notes of Azul Zulu.

JavaFX Links of March 2024

Here is the overview of the JavaFX LinksOfTheMonth of March 2024, published on during this month. Components, Libraries, Tools Pedro Duque Vieira integrated this pull request in FXThemes: “True Dark Mode is now also available on Mac. All thanks to Carl Dea. Not new, but siedlerchr pointed us on EasyBind: “Leverages lambdas to reduce boilerplate when creating custom bindings, providing a type-safe alternative to Bindings.

Example Java Application with Embedded Jetty and a htmx Website

I was experimenting with a Java application that can act as a web server and includes the user interface HTML-files that get modified with htmx, to replace certain parts of the HTML with other ones created in Java. I found it pretty hard to understand how to configure the embedded Jetty webserver, but as always with Java libraries, it’s pretty easy once you understand how to do it ;-) I decided to share my example, so you don’t need to go through the same search if you want to use the same approach…

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