About me

Hello, I’m Frank Delporte, living in Passendale (Belgium), a software developer/technical lead/writer with more than 25 years of experience in video, multimedia, technical project management, digital signage, and (web) programming. After 10 years working for Televic Rail where I “fell in love” with Java, I moved to Eeve in December 2020 where I used Java for several backend services. Since June 2022 I’ve been a technical writer at Azul, the world’s only company focused solely on Java.

In March 2023 I became a Java Champion, selected by other Champions, for my contributions to the Java community over many years, including writing articles, books, teaching, videos, and speaking at conferences and JUGs. Also contributing to open-source projects, like Pi4J, has been crucial in becoming a Java Champion.

In January 2024, I got nominated as a Vaadin Champion. I love to talk and write about “all things Java” because there are many excellent frameworks and libraries to build whatever fits a specific business need. Vaadin is one of those amazing Java tools created by brilliant people who make it available for free (or freemium) for everyone to build - in a simple way - any kind of tool they have in mind. Thanks to the many open-source tools and libraries within the Java system, we can create both professional and personal projects with ease. In a world of fast-evolving (and disappearing or breaking) web frameworks, Vaadin is a stable and reliable technology that brings a lot of value to any web project.

My current work tools are Java/GitHub/GitLab/Atlassian/IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio Code/AsciiDoc, but also use/used ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Angular, React, SQL Server, Flex, CSS, HTML5, Eclipse, QT, Python,…

I love to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and try to do this in everything I do.

You can hire me for small coding jobs, writing and presenting.

I’m also the lead coach of the CoderDojo Belgium club in Ieper where we teach children (7-18) programming with Scratch, Arduino, Minecraft, Mindstorms,… since January 2014 (video WTV television channel).

I’m married to Conny and we have a music-playing-son Vik.

This blog is my private play garden. Nothing spectacular or earth-shaking, just a little update from time to time when something catches my eye, or I feel it’s worth spending some time on…

If you want to know more, you can read this interview by Bazlur Rahman.