Multicam recordings with ATEM Mini and Raspberry Pi cameras

As I wrote in my previous post “Using a Raspberry Pi as HDMI camera”, you can build your own inexpensive HDMI-camera with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a camera module.

Let me show you some of the results…

Demonstration video for HiveMQ Cloud

I created this setup to record the videos for a blog series I wrote for HiveMQ Cloud:

This combination of Raspberry Pi-cameras and Raspberry Pi-computers allowed me to easily create the demonstration videos to show both the screen and the physical interaction with a CrowPi. The ATEM Mini has a nice picture-in-picture function to show both the camera, and the desktop screen at the same time, as you can see in this video at 3'55".

Video recording of my son

My son is a drummer and wants to become YouTube-famous. We still have a long way to go, but with my interest in video-making, we could be a good team ;-)

To reduce the sound I already created a drumbooth with a JavaFX touchscreen interface with Raspberry Pi and Arduino to control the lights.

During the Christmas holiday, we installed a set of cameras to record a first experiment:

This is how the setup looks like:

The audio recording was done directly to a USB stick on a Yamaha EAD10, so we still needed to edit the video in DaVinci Resolve to combine them. That’s something we want to avoid in the future. But we still need the correct (length) cable to have the audio output of the EAD10 connected to the ATEM Mini directly.