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Using the Raspberry Pi Autofocus Camera Module 3 as HDMI camera

More than two years ago, I blogged about the use of the Raspberry Pi as an HDMI camera for the ATEM Mini. Although I have been using such a camera since then as my main Zoom camera, I wasn’t always happy with the image quality. The main problem was that the previous Raspberry Pi cameras had a fixed focus and it was quite hard to find the perfect focus.

How to Share Your Work With a Movie or Podcast

If you are blogging about your work, at some point, you’ll want to share your experience with a movie or in a podcast. In this post, I want to share the tools I’m using and give some advise to get you started with a small (or bigger) budget… Audio For the audio part there is one very important rule: “Garbage in = Garbage out”.

Multicam recordings with ATEM Mini and Raspberry Pi cameras

As I wrote in my previous post “Using a Raspberry Pi as HDMI camera”, you can build your own inexpensive HDMI-camera with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a camera module. Let me show you some of the results… Demonstration video for HiveMQ Cloud I created this setup to record the videos for a blog series I wrote for HiveMQ Cloud:

Using a Raspberry Pi as HDMI camera

TL;DR; Yes, you can build your own Raspberry Pi HQ camera to use as an HDMI source for the ATEM Mini Looking for an affordable camera with HDMI output? Build one yourself with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2! IMPORTANT: A new post is available with the new Camera Module V3 with auto-focus, released in January 2023.