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Drumbooth controller with Raspberry Pi, JavaFX, and Arduino

Based on multiple examples from my book “Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi”, I created a touchscreen controller for the drum booth of my son.

Controlling Arduino with Mosquitto and JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

One of the example applications in my book “Getting started with Java on the Raspberry Pi” combines a JavaFX application with Mosquitto on the Raspberry Pi to control a LED strip with an Arduino.

DIY Arduino MIDI instrument

And another summer project got finished… ;-) My sons drum corps teacher triggered me to build an Arduino Midi controller so he could practice his rhythm skills.

Scratch and Arduino on Linux

At CoderDojo we have the luck to receive old laptops from companies.

Arduino voor CoderDojo

Eén van de grootste uitdagingen voor de CoderDojos is het geboeid houden van de kinderen.