JavaFX In Action with Robert Ladstätter about LogoRRR, a cross-platform log analysis tool

In the next video in this “JFX In Action” series, I talked with Robert Ladstätter about LogoRRR, an application written with Scala and JavaFX.

About Robert Ladstätter

Robert is Group Leader for the Software Team at Nextsense GmbH (part of Hexagon) and develops software with Scala and JavaFX. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About LogoRRR

LogoRRR is a cross-platform log analysis tool that offers a clear and rapid way to navigate through large text files, emphasizing critical events with its interactive, user-friendly interface. You can find it on, GitHub, and in the Apple Store. LogoRRR is created with Scala and JavaFX and is able to load, search, and visualize log files with over 1.000.000 log lines blazingly fast. The UI of the application is unit tested automatically with TestFX.

Robert wants to thank two supporters who helped him to reach the important milestone of 10,000 downloads. David Weber was the first one to sponsor the project, since he found the tool in its early days so useful that he wanted to support the further development via Buy Me A Coffee. Another supporter is Oliver Loeffler who also provides feedback about bugs and features for LogoRRR.

Video content

00:00 Who is Robert Ladstätter



00:35 Introduction of LogoRRR

Application website:

00:49 Combining Scala with JavaFX

Movie about Kotlin with JavaFX:

Technology used for LogoRRR:

Link to Kotlin

01:49 The evolution of Java in the right direction and competing with Scala

03:02 Demo of LogoRRR

06:37 Opening a 1Gb log file

07:20 Look into the code

13:41 Searching in Garbage Collector logs with LogoRRR

14:20 Automated UI testing with TestFX


17:28 Conclusions

LogoRRR sources: