Links of the BeJUG Presentation: Lessons Learned from #JavaOnRaspberryPi

These are all the links of my presentation at BeJUG in Waregem, Monday, July 24, 2024.

Lessons Learned from JavaOnRaspberryPi, the Potential of Bits and Bytes, Cost and Eco-Efficiency

I started experimenting with Java on the Raspberry Pi a few years ago because I wanted to learn if I could control electronic components with my favorite programming language. The short answer is: of course! But during that journey, I learned a lot more, and I want to share that with you…

Transmitting and storing data in XML, JSON, or (if you want to hurt people) YAML makes data human-readable, which is great for debugging and testing but is a very inefficient, heavy, and expensive way of handling data. There is a lot we can learn from projects where electronic components are involved. The protocols used in the communication with displays, sensors, and LED strips are all based on the magic ones and zeros. Let me show you that the hex value #CB contains all the info about the toilets in a train, #007D066D will wake you up at 06:15, and #3C42A581A599423C puts a smiley face on an 8x8 LED matrix.

Making better use of the power of bits and bytes can optimize the cost of our systems and enhance their eco-efficiency, a valuable lesson we can learn from these experiments. But the benefits don’t stop there! From building OpenJDK to running clusters, testing startup improvements, and even finding job opportunities, the practical applications of this knowledge are boundless and inspiring!

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