JavaFX In Action with Christopher Schnick about XPipe, an app to manage all your servers

In the next video in this “JFX In Action” series, I talked with Christopher Schnick about XPipe.

About Christopher Schnick

Christopher is a software engineer with experience in the Java ecosystem and desktop application development. He is passionate about designing innovative solutions for end users and learning new technologies and tools when needed. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn. Currently, he has two public JavaFX applications.


A tool for all major Paradox Grand Strategy games that provides a powerful and smart savegame manager to quickly organize and play all of your savegames with ease. Furthermore, it also comes with an Ironman converter, a powerful savegame editor, some savescumming tools, integrations for various other great community-made tools, and full support for multiple games. You can find it on GitHub.


XPipe brings your entire server infrastructure at your fingertips. It helps you to manage all your servers from your local desktop without any remote setup. It provides seamless SSH integration, detects all your containers, k8s clusters, and virtual machines, has an integrated VNC client,… Check out the XPipe website for all features and a free download. The professional licensed edition even offers more features.

Video content

00:00 Who is Christopher Schnick

00:28 Pdx-Unlimiter

00:47 About XPipe as a one-person team

02:15 Demo of XPipe

07:27 Integrated VNC Client developed in JavaFX

10:45 Adding a connection to XPipe as a user

12:03 Open-source versus commercial

13:57 Licensing via LemonSqueezy

15:52 Upcoming features for XPipe

17:42 Integrated documentation with Markdown-files and WebView

Rendering with the flexmark library

20:52 Other JavaFX goodies, and theme and styling thanks to AtlantaFX

AtlantaFX on JFX Central

23:33 Conclusion

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