JavaFX In Action with Daniel Zimmermann about JavaFX and Kotlin

For the second video in this “JFX In Action” series, I talked to Daniel Zimmermann. He got my attention when he recently tweeted: “To your dismay I have to tell you I write all my desktop applications using Kotlin and JavaFX”. Why is he a big Kotlin AND JavaFX fan? I asked him and got a demo of the network test application that he is working on.

About Daniel Zimmermann

Daniel Zimmermann is a Java, Kotlin, and JavaFX developer working for cnlab. He is developing an application to test network speeds and detect potential problems. You can download it from the cnlab UX Test page.

In the video, he also shows two other JavaFX applications he (co-)worked on: Kloster Disentis and Leviat.

You can find Daniel on Twitter and Mastodon.

Video content

00:00 Who is Daniel Zimmermann?

01:01 Why Daniel started using Kotlin with JavaFX (inspired by TornadoFX)

03:15 Demonstration of the tool created by CNLab

08:43 Quick look into the code

12:38 Comparing network speed between Switzerland and Belgium

13:36 Internal library shared between multiple applications and network test devices

16:11 Evolutions in Java helped Daniel to simplify his code

17:05 Mobile app developed by Daniel

18:04 Leviat, another application he helped developing

19:53 Conclusion

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