JavaFX In Action with Pedro Duque Vieira, aka Duke about Hero, PDFSam, FXThemes, FXComponents,...

People who follow me, know I have a big love for JavaFX. It’s my go-to for every desktop user interface application I build. I love the simplicity of quickly creating an app that makes full use of the “Java powers” to build both multi-threaded “backend services” combined with a beautiful-looking UI into one executable. I’m starting a new video series “JFX In Action” in which I talk to developers to show the world what is being developed with JavaFX.

About Pedro Duque Vieira

For the first video in this series, I talked with Pedro Duque Vieira, a Software Engineer, Software Designer, and Entrepreneur. He develops beautiful, graphical applications that users feel happy to use and that significantly boost their productivity. Pedro mainly uses Java and JavaFX and has contributed several libraries to the JavaFX community.


He shares insights into a few applications, like Hero (CAD application to calculate energy efficiency) and PDFSam (powerful and professional PDF editor). PDFSam had 100.000 downloads in April ‘24!


While working on these applications, Pedro also created several libraries, like FXThemes, FXComponents, and Transit Theme.

Those libraries are used in a lot of applications, for instance, by Sean Phillips - a legendary JavaFX developer. In the past, Sean worked on commercial products that are used for NASA mission design. More recently, Trinity - a tool for AI analysis - was open-sourced by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Video content

00:00 Who is Pedro Duque Vieira (aka Duke)?


Pedro on LinkedIn

Pedro on Twitter

00:31 Hero application

Foojay article about Hero

01:31 Libraries by Pedro used by Sean Phillips

Foojay Podcast about JavaFX

Pedro’s library, in use in the office of the US President: picture on Twitter.

Nasa Space Trajectory JavaFX application: movie on YouTube by Sean Phillips.

Trinity, AI analysis application: movie on YouTube by Sean Phillips.

02:12 About PDFSam and the advantages of the Java threads and stability between releases

Website of PDFSam.

06:41 Library FXThemes

Sources of the JavaFX libraries created by Pedro (including examples)

09:59 FXComponents

11:08 Cooperation with Carl Dea for FXThemes

12:14 Transit Theme

16:55 Conclusion

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