Shopping list for JavaOnRaspberryPi

After my talk at J-Fall I got the question what is required to get started with #JavaOnRaspberryPi. In my book I list the components that are used, but indeed a short overview was missing (it’s now added to the ebook…). So here we go:

Raspberry Pi

While working on the book, I used a Raspberry Pi 3. But as it is nice to work with a fast processor and enough memory, I recommend to use a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 or 8Gb of memory. This also includes the Raspberry Pi 400, which is actually a type 4 built into a keyboard.

Shopping list:

You will also need the following:


You can buy the various components of this list separately, but you will find most of them combined in an electronics starter kit. This is the list of components used in this book: