Pong on a Raspberry PI

As a self-study project I experimented to create a Pong game + slide shown on a Raspberry PI with Tkinter, GPIO and physical buttons.

Material list


Source code

I started with an existing Python pong game from Matt Pugh.

It needed a lot of tweening to make it multiplayer, keep scores and configure it to run smoothly on the PI. It was also extended to have a main page with advertisements and where additional games can be added, you know once, when I have time… ;-)
For the slideshow, I extended the code from Stack exchange.

My complete source can be found here on GitHub.

Some additional Python libaries need to be installed

Tips & tricks

I tried out many different methods to get rid of the screensaver, but the only good solution turned out to be:

If you want to get rid of the mouse pointer, follow the step-by-step on this site.