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LED number display JavaFX library published on Maven

2019-10-02 12:11:10
This is a Java library made and shared as preparation for my book-in-progress Getting started with Java on the Raspberry Pi.
The example applications using this library and a lot more info about Java and the Pi in the book! You can already buy it on Leanpub and will receive all future updates!
My very first open source JavaFX library is now available in the Maven repository! A small step for mankind, one giant leap for myself ;-)

While working on Java example projects for my book "Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi", I needed a way to visualize a LED number display as used in electronics projects. And as I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, it was an ideal opportunity to find out how you create a project and make it public. As a note for myself I wrote down the steps needed to reach this goal.

The idea was to have a way to show a LED number display like this and be able to turn the segments on and off with 8 bit values:

So I created a JavaFX library to generate a component in which you can define the colors of the segment and background. You can also easily highlight them by defining the bits for LED A till H or with a HighlightType which you can see in the the combobox in the screenshot below.

The demo application which is included in the sources also contains a date and clock visualization:

Sources are available on my GitHub repository:

And the Maven dependency can be found on: